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Whack Your Boss Superhero Style

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Whack Your Boss Superhero Style delves into the wonderful world of freelance artist; by giving players get 5 minutes to get out of what appears to be a terrible idea – committing yourself to be their working slaves. With the job already on the way and you almost completed all the tasks from the boss, you take control of your lfie and you are tired of Boss bossing around, looking for ways to end your Boss life before getting frustrated.

Controls of the Game

You only need your [MOUSE]

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Clicking on stuff will make kill Thief

game review

Killing your Boss is a matter of accumulating enough damage. For all purposes, your character starts out with 100% health. Every action you make in the game will result in a violent accident or similar act –which has corresponding percentile damage. Once you accumulate all Kill Goals from all the damage you have given to your annoyning Boss, you win the game.