3.9 out of 5 (based on 120 ratings)
Whack The Burglars

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Whack The Burglars is fun game, but. There’s a certain satisfaction in playing outrageously violent games. Whether you’re searching for solace in violence in order to de-stress, because you enjoy breaking things in general, or because you have a genuine thirst for human blood (consult a specialist practitioner of psychological medicine if this latter reason applies to you), violent games are a healthy outlet for your inner rage.

Controls of the Game

You only need your [MOUSE]

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Clicking on stuff will make kill Burglar

game review

As I type this review, the classical piano piece in a largely minor key rings out from the browser a few virtual windows across, giving an audio backdrop to Whack the Burglar’s gameplay and also giving my typing a rather demented, serial-killer vibe. The gameplay itself is virtually the definition of simplicity. Much like the many point-and-click puzzle games out there, you merely have to hover cursor over the various objects on screen. Once you’ve found an item of interest (there’s a handy red highlight graphic over each when you do so), you simply click on it to initiate one of the game’s 19 standard kills.